Title Description Audio/Video Church Date
After the Leap When life calls us to take a Leap of Faith, the space between challenges us as much as the release. How do we breathe into the space and cultivate the faith to make it through? Multi-generational service. Facebook Live UU Fellowship of Huntington 2/17/18
The Longest Night A service honoring the lessons and comfort to be found in the Winter Solstice. Facebook Live UU Fellowship of Huntington 12/23/18
Bounty of People Greta preaches on cultivating gratitude for the past, present and future of our community.
(some audio/video issues in first section of service)
Facebook Live UU Fellowship of Huntington 11/11/18
The Promise and the Purpose Rev Jude Geiger asks “What is central to our Unitarian Universalist message?” – Greta plays with balloons to show we’re all learn and grow together. Facebook Live UU Fellowship of Huntington 9/17/2018
Water Communion Our annual Ingathering service reflects on the places that nourish our spirit – each bringing water from places that have filled our heart for our communal ritual. Rev. Jude Geiger preaching; I share the story of collective care before fire alarms! Facebook Live UU Fellowship of Huntington 9/9/18
The Language of Being A service based around the poem “god is no noun” by Glen Thomas Ride-out – you can listen to the reading that preceded the sermon here. For UUCB UU Church of Boulder 7/30/2017
Holding on to Hope How do you “rekindle your faith and defend against the shadows the cloud the path forward to a brighter future.”? From Foothills Foothills Unitarian Church 5/28/2017
Leaning into the Thin Places  Greta explores the “thin places” in our lives – how they transform our experiences and shape our lives. From Greeley UU Church of Greeley 4/30/2017
Stories of Then and Now Seminarian Greta Seidohl explores how the stories we tell of our past, in fact and fiction, play an active role in shaping our present and building our future. From UUCB UU Church of Boulder 11/27/2016
#blessed  Greta Seidohl looks at what it means to recognize blessings in a culture of highlight-reel social media and every growing interconnection. Regardless of what generation we belong to or how tech-savy we are, we each have an opportunity to look deeply at the motivation behind our words of gratitude and move forward more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. From UUCB UU Church of Boulder 5/29/2016

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